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move often.  eat well.

live. love. create.

relax. take up space.

be great.




Rock Solid is a lifestyle. It's resolve. It's revolution. How we walk in the world is especially important right now. We must galvanize our values. There's no time for half-measures. What do you stand for? What do you stand against? You MUST take care of your body and spirit in order to stay standing at all.

Great thinkers tell us that a true and profound change must come from within. Of course that is true. But that "within" can be difficult to tap into when we are running stressed and strained, over eating take-out and drinking a half bottle of wine to take the edge off. We go to therapy, to a coach, to a doctor, to a teacher, but deeper learning is difficult when your body and brain aren't being properly nourished. Sometimes, you have to start from the outside in. Building your body and nourishing your brain can create an opening to your true spirit.

So do you want to be well? Do you want to be fit? Or do you want to be Rock Solid?

Through fitness, nutrition, custom supplementation, coaching and inspiration, we support you on your Rock Solid Path. We help you build your Rock Solid house. And climb your Rock Solid mountain.

Rock Solid keeps it real. We’re open, honest and approachable. We’re steadfast, staying true to our own values and vision, not swayed by fads. While making change can be hard work, we don’t take ourselves too seriously. All are welcome here—our community is built and strengthened by the diversity of our life experiences. By giving ourselves permission to have fun and to take delight in the unexpected, we create deeper connections in our community and greater positive change in ourselves and the world around us.


 Rock Solid's ShapeShifter is a  powerful 6-week, 5-level full-body, brain, being revolution.

To ShapeShift is to change one's shape, form, or identity at will, often through magical means.

We believe in magic. And we believe in you.

Reacquaint yourself with strength, vibrance, invigoration, and inspiration. Reconnect with energy, joy, creativity,


Sometimes outdoors, beautiful views, fresh air, trails, and trees. Sometimes inside, cozy, artful space, with eclectic tunes, innovative moves, weights, bands, steps and more.

 We bring intensity, variety and FUN to our group classes and our private sessions! Anchored in functional fitness, we walk, run, jump, squat, lunge, box, kick, scale hills, and climb stairs. We use weights, bands, balls, and other toys to make you fitter, faster, firmer, and friendlier :-) 


No single diet works for everyone. Rock Solid can help you find the right lifestyle plan for you. For increased energy, reduced inflammation, better digestion, sustained weight loss, ease and convenience.

Does your body, brain and being need a reset? A cleanse is a break from foods, chemicals and habits that stress our body and cause toxicity, making us feel bloated, sluggish, achy and tired. We encourage a seasonal cleanse, and we can help design yours, or provide it for you!



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Spearheading an innovative and intrepid approach to wellness, Rock Solid founder, Teresa Marchese, is the catalyst for change in the bodies and lives of women who are ready to say yes to themselves. After years of working in corporate management and consulting, she took a challenging turn by pursuing and earning a law degree. The parallel challenge, it turns out, was staying healthy, happy and solvent during this intense time. So she took that on, too, and started a business where, not only would these needs be met for her, but also for a growing tribe of like-minded Rock Solid women. Rock Solid Fitness was San Francisco’s first outdoor women’s fitness club.


Rock Solid grew and evolved as the last decade has seen Teresa become an expert in fitness, nutrition, detoxification, and inspired wellbeing. Her goal is to empower women to lead extraordinary lives—to take their health into their own hands, and walk the world with strength, confidence, courage, power, and passion. She believes in getting back to basics, back to the elemental truth and timbre of life. Eating well. Moving often. Loving. Living. Laughing. Forging a path forward, smiling, with arms wide, eyes open, and heart full.

Teresa recently made her way across the country with her artist husband, Jay Mercado, and bought a beautiful historic home in Jaffrey, New Hampshire. There, she is building in-person community and connection, working and playing in wellness services and artful events and running programs on zoom.


Teresa’s fitness and wellness programs have been featured in Health Magazine, Sunset magazine, the San Francisco Chronicle, KRON 4 news in San Francisco, and

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