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Solstice Elemental Cleanse w Group


Soup & Smoothie Supplement

4 days:  $395

6 days: $565

10 days: $850

see Cleanse page


Please contact Teresa to sign up!

or Venmo @Teresa-Marchese



in the woods beneath the mountain
the crunch of frost under my feet
the smell of woodsmoke in the crisp air
winter approaches,
time again to go inside

I stop and breathe in the quiet
vibrating stillness
the tall pines pulse with possibility
with years and strength and truth
with the ghosts of my ancestors
my fathers and mothers
bleeding sap and certainty into the wet ground

branches, bears and rare wintering birds
hold the souls of those
who walked before me
and too soon left me
to navigate this fine forest
(through the trees)

a trail they cut, plowed roads, built wagons
made syrup and socks and deals
suspended bridges and disbelief
crossed the path that I now walk,
squinting down that wooded way that waited
waited for me
planting a torch, a knife and a snack
that I may someday find water
and build my own boat


*       *       *       *       *       *       *

I wrote that poem several years ago, right around this time - late fall, falling, falling quickly toward the winter months. A month or so before the winter solstice, our world dictates that we direct our energy outward, that we give, compromise, consume, travel, plan, eat, drink, and be merry. We march into expectations and give into a preordained “way to be.”

More true to the earth’s rhythm, to nature, to our nature, this is a time to “go inside,” to allow introspection, and to let go of that which no longer serves us, so that we may move more freely, creatively, and vibrantly into the light of the new year.

In the spirit of new light, I invite you to RockStarWaterSoul, an elemental Solstice Cleanse.

You will be guided through a warm cleansing diet for 6 - 10 days right after the Thanksgiving Holiday. Then we’ll move toward the Solstice with guided intention, nourishing, moving and loving your body (earth), tapping into your intuition, feeling, finding your flow (water), connecting to your breath, your life-force, sharpening your mind (air), bringing forth your creativity, strength, and power (fire).

You will have a private info session with me Nov. 21, 22 to get all info and get started (if you want to grocery shop Friday).
We will also have an intro meeting on Saturday, 11/25, at 9:00 am.
We will then meet Saturday mornings (12/2, 9, 16) for a hike & stretch or detox gentle yoga (weather-dependent),
AND Tuesday evenings (11/28, 12/5, 12 from 5:30pm - 7:00 pm for a Soul-Soup meeting and workshop. Steaming bowl of soup will be served.
Our time and work will culminate in a Solstice Ritual to celebrate new light, December 21, 6 - 8.

If you would like your cleanse-week to be duty free, I am offering my special soup-n-smoothie cleanse, where you will get 6 jars per day of nutrient dense juiced or pureed food.

Throughout the month, you will be giving creative assignments, journal prompts, and inquiries to carry us toward the Solstice and make our meetings deep and juicy.


This is not a fast, but a nourishing transformation. You will be guided and goaded through a 4-week program that will catapult you into your next chapter - that one where you are rooted in healthy habits that support your journey.

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