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rock solid break from solids

A short break from solids can put the brakes on bloating and weight gain! Savory soups, nutmilks, and veggie smoothies are rich in fiber, nutrients, and protein. Surely, I can say you'll LOSE WEIGHT and FEEL GREAT! You will. AND... you'll detox, improve organ and gland function, lower blood sugar, lower blood pressure, heal your gut, have more ENERGY, and more fun ;-).

You'll be eating and drinking an ABUNDANCE of easily digestible nutrients, enzymes, vitamins, minerals and electrolytes. These nutrients are easily absorbed and more "bio-available". Your body's energy needn't be focused on digestion and assimilation, but rather on rebuilding and REGENERATION. You'll be giving your (possibly overtaxed) liver a break. If your liver can't move fat from the blood stream, the consequence is excess fat storage. A liquid/blended diet provides a rest for your liver from its normal load and allows it to process stored fats for elimination more efficiently. Result: Lose weight, feel great. AND enjoy DELICIOUS meals!


With Rock Solid's BREAK from SOLIDS, you receive 6 jars per day, delicious soups, soothing smoothies, num-num-nummy nutmilks, & detoxifying juices. No shopping, no schlepping, no chopping, no prepping for you. We do the work, so you can relax and let your body do it's thing.


Rock Solid provides this cleanse at strategic & opportune times throughout the year!

You can choose 6 days for $365

Or 4 days for $295

(plus $20 jar deposit)

Pick up your cleanse at a Rock Solid workout, workshop, or inquire about delivery

(location-dependent delivery fee)

For more information call 415-412-3051 or email me for more info.​

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