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Lighten Up!

It’s that time again. Time to get serious. Resolutions. Objectives. Restrictions. Goals. Schedules. Purpose. Plans. Time to commit to something new. Time to begin. Again. (Of course, we can do this anytime. Begin again. But somehow the pressure is on at the onset of a new year.)

It’s all good. After all, my work is to help you design and reach your goals. My commitment is to guide you toward optimal health, rock solid in every aspect of your life. Rock solid body. Rock solid brain. Rock Solid being. We are all striving toward that happy place of feeling stronger, fitter, healthier, happier, smarter, sexier, slimmer, clearer, bigger, better, faster and more!

I applaud and support you. You’ve got this. You’re sturdy and steadfast. But, it’s a lot of pressure, all this purpose and pleasing, this rising and rousing, this becoming and un-numbing. It ain’t always easy. And we stress ourselves out. A lot. We beat ourselves blue if we fall short of perfection.

To that, I say, stop it! Lighten up!

Don’t take yourself so seriously. Stop. Smile. Say good morning. Notice what’s around you. Welcome yourself to a new day.

Don’t let your busy-ness disconnect you from the important people in your life.

Don’t become so myopic in your ambition and your goals that your values get dragged behind you like a dirty security blanket. And never let your drive be a detriment to your health. “Stay alive, no matter what occurs…”

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