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Why Cleanse?!?!

It's spring, it's spring! It's daisies and daffodils. It's sunshine and high time to shed the scarves and beanies, for sweet-n-salty sweat and skin and thinner thinking. It's time to get out of hunkering hibernation and move, move, move. Wooohooo! But wait... I'm still feeling sluggish from the slog of winter. I'm still glued to political blues. Gotta get out of this rut. Time to Spring Forward. Time to ShapeShift. Time to re-become that wonder-woman of power and positive change.

Your life is your stage. Your show. Your story. How do you want to show up? Strong, sexy, and bold. Confident, fit, joyful, fabulous? When your body is over-stressed, undernourished, and sludged up with the unseen and unspoken toxins in our food, water, and environment, you don't shine as much under those lights. When you’re running stressed and strained, over eating take-out and drinking a half bottle of wine to take the edge off, your story loses its arc. Your strut across your stage becomes a meager trot. You lose your spark.

Your body is your vessel, your vehicle, your chance to bring forth your gifts to the world. It carries that smart brain and harbors your beautiful being. That body needs to be strong, fit, resilient. That brain needs to be smart, savvy, and certain. That being needs to be confident, vibrant, magnetic.

That body NEEDS a kick-butt, no-holds-barred, full-body, total-mind, sweet-spirit overhaul. A renovation that will shift your shape, change your game and rock your world.

Are you with me? Rock Solid is a lifestyle. And we believe in celebration. Sometimes that celebration turns into self-indulgence, self-medication, or even self-destruction. And we need to reset. A cleanse is a great way to reset and move powerfully back into your Rock Solid lifestyle.

When you cleanse, you clear a path for the new. You make way for rejuvenation, regeneration, transformation. For more efficient and effective uptake of nutrients. For more efficient and effective movement of body and mind. For more efficient and effective processing of thoughts and ideas. For wholeness, harmony, strength clarity, radiance, and joy.


You will find many cleanse rebukers out there who state that “a cleanse” is unnecessary (ridiculous, dangerous, hyped) because the body is designed to detoxify itself naturally everyday. It’s true that our liver and kidneys are made to process toxic invaders, but is the body really designed to deal with the modern onslaught? BPA’s, unnatural hormones, GMO’s, synthetic chemicals, daily doses of antibiotics, heavy metals, loads of sugar, cups of caffeine, artificial ingredients, chemicals, pesticides and preservatives… are constant. Invariably in our bodies, on our bodies, as we live and breathe. To top it off, most of us are malnourished because the foods we are eating have been stripped of their nutrients either at the root (the soil, the feed, the seed) or have had much of their nutrition processed right out of them.

Our bodies are also being severely impacted by mental and emotional stressors that cause an over- and underproduction of hormones that directly effect our metabolism, mood, sleep, reproduction and development.

Correct me if I’m wrong… But this didn’t seem to be the case when our “bodies were designed.” The human physical body will likely not evolve to process, manage and sustain this. Science shows that evolutionary changes to a species take 1-10 million years. Ok, I deviate, but you get my point. My point is not that we don’t have that kind of time. But, clearly, our bodies (our liver, our kidneys, our brain, our endocrine system, etc.) are being assaulted daily by substances harmful and unfamiliar.

Just a sales gimmick?

Another thing I continue to see in my research, from the rebutters, is that people (like me) are just trying to sell you something when they talk about toxins, cleansing and the like. And to that I say: Everyone is selling something, baby. It’s all about what you’re in the market for.

I make my living guiding people toward optimal health, helping women create a new and fantastic relationship with their bodies. Not just to be well, but to be rock solid! Rock solid in every aspect of their lives. Rock solid body, brain & being!

My work is to hold the fort (so to speak) for you to become the expert of YOU, and of your body. I have guided over a thousand women and men to a happy place of feeling stronger, fitter, healthier, happier, sexier, slimmer, clearer, bigger, better, faster and more!

Really, though, I don’t want you to listen to me. Nor do I want you to listen to the doctors, the ADA, the FDA, the bloggers, the joggers, the nodders. Ignore the skeptics, the critics, the naysayers. We may be “experts”, but no one is the expert of you, but you.

Don’t attach yourself to one (wo)man’s philosophy. Don’t bind yourself to a guru. Don’t follow the next trend, then the next. Stop looking outside yourself for answers for yourself. Instead, start listening to your own heart, your gut, your body. Your god is inside you. You need only tune in.

We’ve been living from the neck up. And dying trying. Trying to do it all and be it all and have it all and losing touch with our own rhythm. We’re allowing other heads to manage our bodies. We look to the media to tell us how to look. We trust government agencies to tell us what to eat and how and how often to move. We believe pharmaceutical and medical corporations and conglomerates will heal us. We accept as true any published study and allow it to launch us into the next food fad or warn us off newfound untouchables.

It’s time to start trusting yourself.

It’s time to: Let go. Ground yourself. Open up and start listening. Build up your strength, endurance, clarity and vitality. Go forth with purpose. `

Every journey begins with one step. When you consider what six weeks is in the grand scheme of a life, it is nothing but a paragraph in your bigger story. And, yet, a paragraph can be so profound that it changes you forever.

I know why I’m heading out on this journey. Why are you?

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