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After Church (a poem for my swim pod)

The morning is cold and the fog lies low the headlands pink from the sun’s first light

After diving deep into devotion (destiny) “Great Mother Dear Father” Swaddled in salt and sand and a solitary sweetness BluegrayWILD Wonderfullywonderful Restored and forgiven We emerge

All in awe We clumsily dress Numb fingers Sticky butts Pulling up pants Hats, socks, scarves the low drum of hearts ...beat

Someone passes around a bite of something, Perhaps a piece of almost-still-warm toast

with peanut butter and honey (This is my body...) And Nenad

or Swimdaddy pass a flask (This is my blood...)

We stand close Soaking in fire and freedom A genuflection Our fellowship

Then we ascend Our fierce legs taking us ... strong strides Wings undaunted Each with our “pack” Rising once again from heaven To another day on earth

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